Pirate RPG Tempest Gets Release Date, Gameplay Trailer

Publisher HeroCraft and development studio Lion’s Shade have sent us a press release to inform us that Tempest — an “open world pirate RPG” that focuses chiefly on sea battles — will be released on August 22 on PC and Mac. The title, which was previously available on Early Access on Steam, will be available for $14.99/€14.99/£10.99 and includes both single player and multiplayer modes. Here’s the full press release:

The epic Open World pirate RPG set to leave Early Access for its full release on August 22nd

KALININGRAD, Russia – 4th July 2016 – Publisher HeroCraft and developer Lion’s Shade, digital freebooters who prefer their dogs salty, are proud to announce that after eight months of adding an array of content updates, refinements and improvements, Tempest, their Open World pirate RPG will be receiving its full release on PC and Mac on August 22nd priced at $14.99/€14.99/£10.99.

Focusing primarily on the most exciting elements of being a pirate – captaining your own ship and engaging in intense sea battles – the world of Tempest is set across three vast open world regions for you to discover. Create, customise and upgrade your sea vessel – the pride and joy of any sea-faring adventurer – and take to the open seas to plunder treasure-laden merchant ships, go cannon-to-cannon with enemy galleons, and storm land based fortresses with your crew.

As you navigate the deep and dangerous oceans of Tempest, the earthly challenges of heavily defended merchant vessels and rival pirates are not all that you will be faced with. Sinister disciples of a mysterious cult and fearsome mythical creatures including the infamous Kraken and monstrous Leviathan will provide completely different challenges on your travels across the oceans.

Hire your crew and level them up by completing quests and missions to create the most fearsome cutthroats on the high seas and then use them to board and capture other vessels. Choose from an array of weapons suitable for every type of sea battle including cannons, mortars and flamethrowers. Discover and unleash powerful artefacts such as mystical crystals to escape the enemy’s cannonballs, bring down meteorites from the heavens on to your rivals or summon a giant octopus to your aid.

With over 100 single-player quests to complete, a multiplayer mode for three players in both co-op and PvP and a vast open world to explore, Tempest truly allows you to choose how ruthless and cut-throat a pirate you want to be!

And a gameplay trailer:

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