Tactica Online Preview

GameSpot has whipped up a preview of Tactica Online, the upcoming turn-based MMORPG from Australian developer Imaginary Numbers. Here’s a bit to get you started:

The combat in Tactica Online is reminiscent of X-Com in that it is turn-based and takes place on procedurally generated maps, which means that each map should be different. Depending on the number of players involved, maps will scale in size. The idea is that they’ll be big enough to accommodate the number of players, but not too big. At the same time, the battles will also accommodate different kinds of playing styles. For example, if you have stealthy characters, they can try to sneak around to get to a mission objective. There’s also a wide variety of possible combat styles in the game, including traditional melee combat with swords, spells, and firearms. There are also plans for siege warfare, as well as the potential for prototype tanks and flying machines, based on Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings, to make appearances. Terrain will also play an important role in battles. For instance, if a river cuts through the battlefield, then the logical choke points will be the bridges that span it.

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