Tactica Online Mini Q&A #2

MMORPG.com has released the second installment to their Tactica Online Q&A with Imaginary Numbers CEO Luke Carruthers. A little something to start you off:

Q: The screenshots seem to show a 3rd person top-down view. How configurable will this be? And how did you arrive at this decision?

A: The camera is fully controllable, down to a minimum floor and angle. You can’t get to a first person viewpoint, but you can pan around the map, zooming in and out, to get the best angle for the current situation.

This perspective was a given, really combat is tactical and you control a group of characters, so you need a viewpoint that can show you what’s going on around the map.

What’s interesting is that a lot of people have been looking at Tactica Online as if it’s a more traditional, single character online RPG, and seem to be a little thrown by the top-down perspective. Perhaps it’s the way that the label “MMO” is used and the image that people have of what an “MMORPG” is. Tactica Online is a different sort of game, and its gameplay requires a different camera perspective.

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