Tabula Rasa Control Point Preview

IGN has whipped up a brief preview of Tabula Rasa’s upcoming content update that will take the game’s control point system a step further.

I was given a private demo of this content update at San Diego Comic-Con. Control points are something that were added to Rasa a short time ago, but now Destination Games is taking that a step further. Not only will human players be able to capture these points from the evil Bane, but now they’ll also be able to grapple for control of them. Clans will also now be able to join in on the fun.

Known as Clan Owned Control Points (COCPs), players can join up with their clan, plant their flag at a given point and reap the benefits. What benefits? Some control points are given NPC characters who act as vendors. Should a rival player make his way to your control point and do a little business, it’s you that will see a little extra coin in your pocket because of it.

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