System Shock Remastered Edition Update #92 – Final Call to Update Your Backerkit Info

Those of you who supported Nightdive Studios’ remaster of the original System Shock on Kickstarter should turn your attention to the project’s latest update that serves as a reminder to finalize your Backerkit info, with the deadline set at March 6, 2023. Which means that after all this time, the game, and other associated rewards, will be shipping soon.

More on that:

Why is this important?

With the shipping date fast approaching, this is a final call to ensure that your physical rewards arrive at the correct location.

This does NOT apply to backers that only will receive digital rewards.

How Long Do I Have?

Each Backer has until March 6th, 2023 to update their shipping details. After this date, all orders will be locked and no further changes can be made.

How To Change or Update Shipping Address Survey?

First, visit the following website >

Once you are logged in, select “Edit Your Address” on the top right.

Once you do, you should see an “Edit Shipping Info” on the left.

If the address is correct, no further action is needed.

**NOTE** if you DO NOT see “Edit Shipping Info”, that means your order is locked. If the address is incorrect AND you don’t have the option to edit your shipping info, please contact us at support [at] about getting this unlocked.

If you can update your information, you will come to a page like this one[…]

Enter in your correct information.

Once you complete this process, that is the final step.

That’s all for now!

– Team Nightdive Studios

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