System Shock Remastered Edition Update #44

This month’s development update for Nightdive Studios’ remaster of the original System Shock brings a progress report with plenty of sample screenshots and animations, deals with some backer survey stuff, and directs us towards the beta for the recently updated System Shock: Enhanced Edition. An excerpt:

Survey…take 2!

We ran into a small issue with the surveys for the CITADEL CREW MEMBER, CYBORG ELITE, and HUMAN CORPSE backers. We wanted to send them through Kickstarter but realized that creators are only allowed to send ONE survey, which means that when physical goods are ready to be sent out we wouldn’t be able to send out an additional survey requesting updated mailing addresses. We’ve moved over to another service and will be sending those soon.

System Shock: Enhanced Edition Update!

The time is nearly here! The source port for System Shock: Enhanced Edition is in Closed Beta and if you own the game on Steam you can play it RIGHT NOW!

[Steam link here]

You can opt-in to product betas by right clicking the System Shock: Enhanced Edition in your Steam Library and choosing “Properties”.

Next, enter the password “saltthosefries” under the “Enter beta access code to unlock private betas text box, select the “new_beta” from the drop-down menu…and launch the game!

Join the System Shock: Enhanced Edition Discord channel to discuss changes, bugs, and anything else you encounter!

There will also be a Level Editor created by @dertesha who is always lurking in the Source Code Channel – he’s been working on an unofficial source port you can check out here:

Our goal is to include the Editor with the final release which will allow the creation of New Levels, and the ability to replace assets from the base game such as textures, sounds, audiologs, etc!

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