System Shock Remake Updates #20-22

Since the last time we checked, the folks at Night Dive Studios have published three new updates for their System Shock remake. Update 20 mostly focuses on lost Twitch VOD recordings and is of little interest to us, update 21 introduces new team members and their current pre-production work, and update 22 includes some more project updates, concept art, and a short Q&A. An excerpt:

Project Update

Things are progressing along quite nicely so far. We’re currently about 30% through preproduction with most of our lead team assembled and are working on documentation and proving out our pipelines. This is typically the least fun phase of game development since it’s a lot of meetings and documentation, but it’s also one of the most important phases since it lays the foundation for the rest of the project.

One of the most interesting aspects of this phase is that we’ve been meeting with some of the original devs from System Shock 1 like Austin Grossman, Dorian Hart, and Paul Neurath. The goal is to sync up as much as possible with the original devs to understand what Shock meant to them, get as many details as possible about pretty much everything, and determine what they would have liked to do back then if they had today’s tech. We’re striving to do this brand justice, and that starts with the amazing folks that created it.

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