Sword of the Stars: The Pit 2 – Rats in Sweaters Update Live

With the holiday season upon us, Kerberos Productions invites us to sample their latest early access update for Sword of the Stars: The Pit 2. To kick things off, the update spruces up the place with some Christmas decorations. It then also greatly expands the Biome levels, adds the ability to fish for food and resources, and throws in some new items, props and recipes for good measure.

Here’s more on that:

Happy Holidays everybody!

This is a meaty update for the team, with a major focus on additions to the biome levels, with new surroundings, new surprises, and even a new scavenging mechanic that takes advantage of the ponds.

The Christmas additions will end after the holidays, so enjoy them while you can. Some we added just because they make us smile, like rats in sweaters and presents replacing ammo crates. Some just makes things feel Christmas-y, like festive trees and snow. But watch for snowmen – they’re harmless and if you give one the old what-for, you might find a surprise inside!

What’s not temporary are the additions to the Biome levels. We’ve added to the surroundings, bringing more Sword of the Stars lore into the game with Strangler habitats. And listen carefully for a Den Mother Moonbear. You don’t want to wake her. She is however guarding a Strangler cache, so if you think you’ve got the skills, of if you really desperate, see if you can get in there and make off with whatever you find.

Most importantly however is we’ve added a new mechanic to the game, which allows you to fish in the Biome ponds in the hopes of catching food and even handy items. With this addition comes a host of related content, including new items (various fish and eels), new messages, and new recipes attached to them. Why eat raw eel when you can make something better with it?

It has been a wild year, bringing The Pit 2 to Early Access and we want to thank you for your support and feedback. If you think back to the game when it entered EA and now, those changes are because you all got into the game and helped us shape it. So thank you for this past year and we’re looking forward the new year and everything in store for the game!

We are going to keep and eye on the boards, as we always do after we update, and we’ll also be taking a few days off to bundle up on the couch and sip hot drinks, but we’ll be back at it in no time.

Have a most excellent holiday, wherever you are, and whatever you celebrate;

From the Kerberos Team to you, Merry Christmas!

Changelog 1.0.25


  • Christmas theme added! Because Ho Ho Ho!
  • Christmas decorations! Rats in Sweaters! Snowmen with goodies!
  • New Christmas placeholder of final floor.
  • Moonbear Den Mother in Biomes.
  • Mushroom Burger. Yum!
  • Various fishing items, including some fish and eels.
  • New recipes using the new fishing items.
  • Fishing rod item with fishing feature (put fishing rod in your hotbar, stand facing water in a biome, and click to cast).
  • Cooking fire “crafting” element added
  • New breakable prop class introduced. Items like pots and small bushes can be easily attacked and smashed. Occasionally they reveal something.
  • Fog Bank element that floats around and blocks line of sight.


  • Visual improvements and additions to the biome, including additional props and elements as well as texture updates to some elements.
  • Minimap now given visual priority over other UI elements, like the actions list.
  • New features to the options menu. (max screen ratio sizes for the mini map and actions list, so you can adjust their sizes to your preference.)
  • Action list includes more feedback from props.
  • Grid format for picking up large amount of items at once.
  • Weapon tool tip now reports if you don’t meet the minimum stat required.


  • Lifter Pack now works correctly.
  • Coding Avatar feedback bug fixed.
  • Dismantle never-fail bug fixed.
  • Mismatched name bug fixed.
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