Sword of the Stars: The Pit 2 Demo Available

Kerberos Productions’ roguelike Sword of the Stars: The Pit 2 is apparently nearing the end of its early access journey. And with that in mind, we’re invited to check out a free demo featuring two playable character classes and a total of three floors.

Here’s more on that:

Back when we released Sword of the Stars: The Pit 2 into Early Access back around Halloween of last year, we were looking for a particular type of player who was keen on getting their hands on the new game, trying it out, and giving us feedback. We knew that not every player was that kind of player and that some would wait to see how the game progressed and that was fine.

Now, after nearly six months of tweaking and adding and polishing and updating and hot-fixing, we’re very close to the end of Early Access. And it just so happens that Steam is having their Going Rogue week-long sale.

Meaning, if you’ve been waiting for the game to grow before jumping in, now is the time, as it is on sale for 30% off the special Early Access price all week long.

And if you’re still not sure… TRY THE DEMO!

That’s right, we feel that even with the game still in Early Access, and we are still chasing bugs and tweaking some things, we can offer you a demonstration taste of The Pit 2.

You can choose two of the five player characters in the game, The Marine and The Medic, to get an idea how differently characters play compared to one another (you can still check the skills, attributes, and item load-outs of the other three, you just can’t play them). Then you can try the first three floors of The Pit 2, with the normal dynamic layouts and randomized encounters and loot! Shoot some things, scrounge for things, make things, turn things into other things! Maybe die! Probably die! It’s a Rogue!

And after having some fun on the first three floors, ask yourself… if this is just the demo, what would you find if you could go to floor four and beyond?

Even more things, that’s what. Armor, monsters, special floors with special surprises, new rooms filled with who knows what! So, while the Going Rogue sale is on, consider picking up our game at its discounted price!

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