Sword Coast Legends Console Reviews

Now that n-Space’s Sword Coast Legends has firmly planted itself into console territory with the release of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions, an assortment of reviews have made their way online. In short, the reception is similar to what we saw with the PC version.

GameCrate gives it a 5.25/10:

The fact that Sword Coast Legends ultimately wound up being a disappointing flop is especially disheartening since it was clear during the game’s run up to launch that N-Space was very passionate about the project. I’m not entirely sure what went wrong, but sadly I do know that D&D fans will need to look elsewhere for a proper digital conversion of the pen-and-paper game’s 5th Edition.

Games Asylum gives it a 6/10:

At least the Dungeon Master mode has shorter loading screens. It’s a pretty decent addition to an already large game, in fact. Here, one player acts as a Dungeon Master and is presented with an overhead view of a cavernous maze, with various themes and sizes available. Players then enter your custom creation, and it’s your job to place traps and enemies in their way to make the task of escaping (side-quests are also optional) a tricky one. The novelty and entertainment value is a little short lived, but it’s still a pretty significant extra that you’ll probably remember more than the main game itself.

Brash Games gives it a 4/10:

The voice acting is good, and there is enough passion invested to make it all sound convincing. The story itself, although a bit on the generic side will likely hold up until the end. After all, your questing and looting on the Sword Coast, and looking to be a legend about it, do you care for the story that much? Well, probably yes. But in all reality, it’s passable. The music score on the other hand, is where the game excels at. It is a perfect fit for the fantasy, sword wielding hero, or magic slinging if that is more your thing. Sadly though, being the only aspect of what could have been a great game, it fails to live up to my expectations at least, and the transfer from PC to console has not been a good one. Whether the developer couldn’t be bothered, or just rushed it, we will never know. At the price of £15.99, I would suggest that you wait for a sale if you really want it that badly in your collection. As it stands, there are far better games out there worthy of your money.

PlayStation Nation gives it a 7/10:

If you enjoy games like Baldur’s Gate and more recently Divinity on PS4, then you may find a good time in Sword Coast Legends. As a Dungeons & Dragons fan, I really had fun with this. It will never hit the same beats as the Baldur’s series, but that doesn’t stop it from being a decent ride.

And The Xbox Hub gives it a 3.5/5:

All-in-all, Sword Coast Legends is great. It does have its fair share of problems, but I feel that it pays back on some of them by having an awesome Dungeon Crawl and multiplayer mode that lets one of your friends be the Dungeon Master. Plus, you get a free expansion to access that adds onto the exceptionally large amount of gameplay already in place. Put that with the different races and alignments for each character, and you end up with a tremendously large set of replays that will be good fun for everybody.

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