SW Galaxies “Wins” Biggest MMORPG Disappointment

Unfortunately, Sony’s Star Wars Galaxies has taken RPGDot’s “Biggest MMORPG Disappointment” of 2003 award. Here’s why:

Well, this was the most predictable thing this year. And also the most controversial thing in MMORPG history: SWG is not only among the best games of the year, it’s also the most disappointing. The truth is that no game ever could have truly survived the outrageous hype that SWG has been subjected to before its release without coming out unscathed. Both the fans and the developers let the hype go out of hand, and so when the game was actually released it was both a revelation and a total let-down. For those who were more Zen among us, the game offered some good things, but for those who expected more there was no turning back, and the game was a disaster. The question now is: will SWG remain and manage to overcome the disappointment to live on a full life, or will it eventually become part of the gaming graveyard and be forgotten for the misgiving game that it was? Time will tell.

Additionally, Shadowbane took second place in this negative award ceremony and Final Fantasy XI took third place.

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