Study Shows Casual/Core Divide to be False

A joint That Big Fish/NPD study has shown that the casual/core divide often used is a simplification of the gaming consumer categories.

Thelen used the research to form his conclusion that casual games developer “must focus” on their ideas and their target markets to succeed and, as we reported here, “‘one site fits all’ doesn’t work’ for casual games.

(These results imply that continuing to categorize a gamer as only a core or casual player is limiting in its ability to fully describe the gamer,) said Thelen, founder and chief strategy officer of Big Fish, during his keynote.

(The ability to break apart the industry into a wide variety of segments provides the ability for companies to focus on the emerging opportunities that are masked by broad generalizations.) Thelen continued, (Saying ‘˜We are in the casual games business,’ could mean up to a dozen things and without additional specificity it is not much more useful than simply saying, ‘˜We are in the games business.’)

Spotted on Tales of a Rampant Coyote.

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