Stray Bullet Games’ MMORPG Gets a Publisher

Stray Bullet Games sent us over a press release announcing that their upcoming MMORPG will be published and operated by Korean-owned Neowiz Games.


AUSTIN, TX September 8, 2008 — Stray Bullet Games, an independent developer of massively multiplayer online entertainment, announced today that its upcoming undisclosed MMO will be published and operated in and across Asia by Neowiz Games, the Korean-owned publisher of online games. Neowiz Games has a proven track record successfully operating MMOs throughout Asia; their experience makes them an ideal partner in this territory.

“Obviously, we are pleased to have a publishing partner with so much experience operating online games within their territory,” says Mark Nausha, President and CEO. “Their proven track record will enable us to provide the best possible user experience for our Asian players.”

Stray Bullet Games has not disclosed any details about their upcoming MMO, but has confirmed that the title is based on an original intellectual property conceived and developed entirely in-house. Stray Bullet Games is committed to creating a fully-realized, ongoing MMO battle experience that combines action with tactical and strategic game play. In the upcoming game, individual characters, guilds, and global factions engage in mass combat that is meaningful, exciting, and above all fun. To realize their vision, the team is drawing upon their development experience, the lessons learned developing and supporting Shadowbane, and is looking outside the MMO genre for inspiration in creating innovative features and systems.

About Neowiz Games

Neowiz Games is a leader of the Korean game industry with the portal Pmang that attracts over 8 million unique visitors a month and the social networking site SayClub with tens of millions of users. Neowiz has internal development capacity of nearly 300 developers with the wholly owned development studios Thingsoft and Pentavision. With this phenomenal development and publishing platform, in addition to licensing games from 3rd party developers, Neowiz has published great franchises such as FIFA Online, Special Forces, A.V.A., Slugger and Crossfire for over 10 years. Electronic Arts has recognized Neowiz’s leadership in online games with the unprecedented partnership in developing online versions of the EA’s sports franchises with FIFA Online 1 and 2, NBA Street, and moving beyond sports with Battlefield Online. Neowiz is now aggressively expanding their publishing operations with the acquisition of GameOn in Japan, branch offices in China and the United States. Worldwide, Neowiz operates and licenses over 50 games in Asia, North America and Europe. Please visit to learn more about Neowiz Games.

About Stray Bullet Games, LLC.

Stray Bullet Games is an independent developer of massively multiplayer online entertainment founded by key developers from Wolfpack Studios, the creators of “Shadowbane®.” Based in Austin, Texas, Stray Bullet Games develops products and services for a worldwide customer base with the mission of establishing a new standard in the areas of virtual 3D environments and persistent world gaming. For more information, please visit

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