Stoneshard Updates, $56,415 and Counting

With 9 more days to go, Ink Stains Games’ Kickstarter campaign for their roguelike RPG Stoneshard is currently working towards some of its stretch goals, with $56,415 already pledged. Over the last few days, the developers have been posting plenty of rather interesting campaign updates, including the latest one that announces a Reddit contest that will give you a chance to design a boss fight and then see it appear in the game. Here’s a bit on that:

Greetings, everyone!

Today, we’re launching the Stoneshard Creative Contest on Reddit!

We’re letting gaming community create a dungeon boss fight that will make its way into Stoneshard and become a threat to players brave enough to dwell into dark dungeons. All you need to do is describe your best concept for a boss fight (boss design and his mechanics) in the comments, and we’ll choose a winner during Reddit AmA next week.

Get familiar with contest details and share your awesome ideas here:

Stoneshard Creative Contest on Reddit

Apart from that, the other recent campaign updates got us up to speed with Stoneshard’s maladies & diseases and factions lore, while one of them directed us towards the Steam version of the game’s free prologue.

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