Stoneshard Updates, $41,141 and Counting

Ink Stains Games’ roguelike RPG Stonshard is currently sitting at $41,141, with roughly three weeks left to go in its Kickstarter campaign. Last time we checked, the game had just reached its initial goal, and since then, it had some fairly informative campaign updates. Update #6 announced a new $50,000 stretch goal promising new dungeons and enemies. Update #7 provided a detailed breakdown of the game’s stretch goals. And Update #8 offered a taste of character customization. Here’s the latter:

Hey everyone!

Today’s update is dedicated to our character creation system.

In the prologue, you play as a designated hero, because it is a scripted story set before Stoneshard’s events. When the full game releases, you will be able to create your own character like in almost every RPG.

All creation criterias can be divided in two types: gameplay attributes and cosmetic ones. You can choose your name, gender and hair style. And gameplay-wise, you can choose race, archetype, character’s background and motivation.

The combination of race and archetype creates hero class. For example, Paladins are Elven Warriors who can master both sword and magic. Berserkers are Dwarven warriors — fierce fighters who can enter rage state. We are planning to implement 4 archetypes for 3 races, which results in 12 possible classes.

Character background adds interesting attributes to your gameplay style. For example, Elven priests get additional bonuses while earning Pantheon’s favor.

Motivation is an attribute that influences your hero’s ambitions, which made him/her to accept Verren’s offer. Characters yearning for glory get more experience, while those who want to get rich will receive more gold upon completing quests. 5-7 types of motivations are what we’re planning for now.

After the character is created, you will be asked several hypothetical questions about your play style. Based on the answers, your hero will receive certain traits that will influence your gameplay too. Once you’re done, your adventure across Aldor begins!

See you in the next update!

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