Stoneshard – New Patch and Updated Roadmap

Ink Stains Games brings us a new patch for their turn-based RPG Stoneshard that improves some of the game’s points of interest, adds several new weapons and a decent number of new enemies, and fixes a heap of bugs. Together with this patch, we get an updated early access roadmap that now lists two major content updates in the game’s nearest future.

Here are the patch notes:


  • Special improvements to some of the Points of Interest added with the Forgotten Lore update: the Boulder Circle and the Order’s Prison.
  • Added a task to the Mannshire Priest (may require starting a new game to access).
  • 6 new types of mid tier Restless.
  • 10 new types of high tier Brigands.
  • 3 new abilities that come with them.
  • 4 new helmets and 2 more Heater Shield variants.
  • 5 new boots
  • New folio.
  • New unique spear.
  • New unique bow.
  • Added unique abilities to Gulons.
  • Added eggs to harpy nests.
  • Added rumors for new Points of Interest.


  • Just as promised in the dialogue, guests of the Golden Grain Inn can now expect to be served breakfast.
  • “Vow of the Feat” no longer grants its bonuses when enemies are not within Vision.
  • Fixed the crash caused by triggering the Manticore’s dialogue if the character dies on the same turn.
  • Fixed Skeletons being able to feel pain.
  • Fixed the damage cap of “Wounding Spearhead”.
  • Fixed “One at a Time!” not granting Block Power Recovery.
  • Fixed “No Retreat” continuously granting its bonuses even after moving to other tiles.
  • Fixed enemies being able to enter walls with “Maneuver”.
  • Fixed “Blade Maintenance” granting its bonuses to all weapon types rather than just swords.
  • Fixed willows and shrubs occasionally spawning in the middle of some roads.
  • Fixed some achievements not working as intended: “Drink and Be Merry” and “Theory and Praxis”.
  • Fixed the possibility of reflecting “Tempest” with “Seal of Reflection”.
  • Fixed the possibility of reflecting “Seal of Reflection” with “Seal of Reflection”.
  • Fixed the possibility of starting campfires on tiles within the reach of tides.
  • Fixed the issue causing items in the inventory to overlap when using the auto sort button.
  • Fixed some unique shields missing a sprite when dropped on the ground.
  • Fixed the bug causing NPCs to be overly inaccurate when using missile abilities such as “Fire Barrage”.
  • The food items that spawn on the surface and inside buildings will now stay fresh rather than rot away
  • Fixed Mancatchers and Beastslayers spawning additional Dogs each time a save file is loaded.
  • Fixed Catacomb pedestals spawning additional treatises when reentering the location.
  • Fixed some Brynn NPCs missing a description.
  • The effects of the Heraldic Note is now properly listed in the Reputation log.
  • Fixed Yagrams’ Rage not accumulating as intended.
  • “Determination” will no longer attack enemies who are already adjacent.
  • Fixed “Respite” replenishing 4 times more Energy than it’s supposed to.
  • Fixed the Brynn Cheese Trader’s incorrect greeting line.
  • Fixed some of the Golden Grain NPCs’ incorrect greeting lines.
  • Fixed some Proselytes displaying an incorrect death animation when killed with critical damage.
  • Fixed the endless stacking of “Concussion”.
  • Fixed the Smithing Bailiff being able to sell his stock in broad daylight.
  • Fixed two handed swords not applying Stagger with their skills, this time for sure.
  • Fixed Bran the Trapper losing his stock in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed the incorrect contents of the hidden stash at the Watermill.
  • Fixed rings not affecting the character’s stats when equipped together with an identical ring.
  • Fixed Vipers spawning in pairs.
  • Fixed the possibility of going through the Burial Cave door while it plays its closing animation.
  • Fixed the chicken coop at the Ransacked Homestead continuously spawning new eggs.
  • Fixed capes not granting bonuses to certain stats.
  • Fixed the incorrect journal description of the final stage of “Gathering the Caravan”.
  • The state of secret rooms is now properly saved between sessions.


  • Increased the base Accuracy of thrown items.
  • Added new Pyromancy spells to Brigand sorcerers.
  • “Cauterize Wounds” can now remove the effect of “Gaping Wound”.
  • Added a damage cap to “Forceful Slam”.
  • Changed the mechanic of “Not this Time”.
  • “Leg Sweep” now has a chance to Stagger the targets it fails to Immobilize.
  • “Mighty Kick” now always has a chance to Stagger.
  • Changed the mechanic of “Armor Crusher”.
  • Nerfed “Opportune Moment”.
  • Rather than always hitting all targets in its path, “Piercing Shot” now has its chance to hit calculated individually for each affected target.
  • Changed the mechanic of “FInal Push”.
  • Added defensive bonuses to “Fight to the Death”.
  • Added extra bonuses to “Moment of Weakness”, allowing maces to better synergize with other weapon types.
  • Changed the abilities available to Proselyte Matriarchs.
  • Fixed Ol’ Tott’s prices.
  • Reduced Hunger gain from the Curse of Voracity.


  • In order to make exploration easier and more streamlined, Points of Interest will now be marked on the global map upon entering map tiles adjacent to them.
  • Added a new camera setting: edge panning.


We also updated our Roadmap, the details are below.

Just like the last few major updates, the next one, “Rags to Riches”, will focus primarily on systemic changes, adding a number of new mechanics and improving upon the existing ones. We plan to release it next year: among other things, the update will feature the long-awaited Caravan system, revamped contracts, better dungeon generation, and tweaks to the economy.

After that, there’ll be “Venom in the Waters”, which will introduce another biome to the game, a new boss, a new magic school, and a whole new dungeon type (along with its own enemy faction).

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