Stoneshard Kickstarter Campaign Successfully Funded, $101,186 Raised

Ink Stains Games’ Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming roguelike RPG Stoneshard has successfully concluded with a total of $101,186 pledged, greatly exceeding the initial $30,000 goal and in the process reaching three stretch goals. According to the current roadmap, the developers plan to deliver a functional Early Access build by early 2019 and then see where things go from there. A bit on that:

When we first approached our planning for Stoneshard, we wanted to get the first build of Early Access version ready for Late 2018. Since then, your support has exceeded all our expectations, and, after a thoughtful discussion, our team decided to move the launch of Steam Early Access to February 2019. This decision ensures that we will be able to truly focus on quality of the first version of Early Access build and implement some of your feedback ideas that we’ve gathered during Kickstarter campaign.

Again, thank you all for the tremendous support, this is just a beginning!

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