Stoneshard – Forgotten Lore Update Now Live

The big Forgotten Lore update is now live for Ink Stains Games’ turn-based RPG Stoneshard. The update continues the game’s story, adds a new boss, new magic school and ability tree, expands the game’s arsenal and bestiary, introduces a few new features, and rebalances some things.

Here are the patch notes:

IMPORTANT: this is a major update that includes changes to the global map generation, so it requires you to start a new game. If you want to continue your old playthrough, it can be done by rolling back to the previous version in the game’s Steam options


– New boss

…and a quest that goes with it. You can receive it in a location of questionable repute after reaching level 14.

– New magic school: Electromancy.

– New ability tree: Magic Mastery.

– New enemies

13 high level Proselytes.

– Brynn content

Added the House of the Azure Thread, the Bank, the Golden Grain Inn, the Cathedral, the University, the Printing House, the Alchemical Emporium of Curious Goods, a dockside store, the Close Harbor Tavern, and the Fence’s hideout – each new location has its own characters and gameplay function.

– Next stage of the main quest: “Gwynnel’s Answers”.

It will wrap up the introduction sequence and prepare you for the sandbox part of the game.

– Stationary Caravan Camp

It comes with access to a sizable storage. This location becomes available after arriving to Brynn and completing “Gwynnel’s Answers”

– New system: Fatigue

Using abilities and performing various actions will now generate Fatigue, which lowers your character’s Max Energy. Fatigue can be kept at bay with regular sleep, quality food, and some consumables.

– Changes to the Sleep System

The character can now only sleep for a limited amount of time that depends on how long they spend awake and their Fatigue.

– Changes to the Magic System

Added several new magic-related stats and a Backfire mechanic that causes reckless mages to take damage from their own spells.

– New loot type: Folios

11 unique books that provide information about the game’s lore and grant some experience when read for the first time.

– New items

1 new sword, 7 new necklaces (including a unique one), 3 new artifacts, 12 new valuables, crabs, crab meat, and shells.

– New Points of Interest.

– New biom: Seashore.

– 4 new achievements.


  • New camp types.
  • Changes to some of the existing Proselyte abilities.
  • Added a few unique interactions with Brynn guards.
  • Changed Jonna’s starting Affinities: instead of Daggers and Dual Wielding she now has access to Electromancy and Magic mastery. Also changed her starting inventory and unique trait.
  • Added an option to fill various vessels with water.
  • Added a system that lets time pass in locations even if the character isn’t present there.
  • It’s now possible to read signs and comment on certain important items.
  • Damage Reflection now returns damage before the application of Protection and Resistances.
  • Added Armor Penetration to the majority of spells.
  • Armor Penetration gained from Perception now also applies to spells.
  • Changes to the Curses mechanic. Removed Curses of Goldhoarder and Loudmouth from the game.
  • Starting from 2 stacks, the effect of Wetness will increase Backfire Chance for Electromancy spells.
  • Some merchants are now willing to purchase artifacts.
  • The Witch’s Hat will have a few things to say about your Miraculous and Backfired spells.
  • Hunger and Thirst gain from using abilities now scales with their Energy cost.
  • Walking through shallow waters will now slowly drench the character until a certain threshold.
  • Walking through shallow waters now takes 2 turns instead of 1.
  • Changed some of the existing interiors and Points of Interest.
  • Removed thyme from the Herbalist’s request.
  • Reading treatises now awards you with experience.


  • Reduced the distances between settlements and dungeons.
  • Greatly reduced experience and loot gains in the Prologue to be more in line with the Adventure Mode’s gameplay.
  • Reduced spawn rates for the Brigands and Wolves you meet in the wilderness.
  • Max Health no longer increases with level.
  • Major buffs to most 5+ lvl enemies to improve scaling of mid and late game content.
  • Increased the difficulty of Brynn and distant dungeons.
  • Reduced the impact of Willpower on Cooldowns Duration and Abilities Energy Cost.
  • Numerous tweaks to the Survival tree.
  • Buffed the bedroll: removed the chance of Body Aches after using it and reduced its price. Investing a point into “Make a Halt” will now completely offset most of the bedroll’s downsides and grant it additional bonuses.
  • Increased base damage of all maces. Reduced base damage of most two-handed weapons (with the exception of spears and staves).
  • Nerfed bonuses granted by “Dash”. Buffed “Adrenaline Rush”.
  • Reduced bonuses from “Runic Empowerment”. “Rune of Fortifying” now allows adjacent boulders to quicken the decay of Backfire Damage.
  • Swapped Crit Chance and Fumble Chance for Miracle Chance and Backfire Chance on magic abilities and equipment.
  • Reduced the starting Block Power Recovery by 10%.
  • Shields now grant less Block Power
  • Rest Mode no longer replenishes Morale.
  • Changes to dual wielding penalties: reduced the penalty to Abilities Energy cost and Cooldowns Duration and added a penalty to Backfire Chance.
  • Increased Immunity gain from vegetables, fruit, and certain other foods.
  • Immunity now has a 25% stronger effect on Intoxication decay.
  • Greatly increased the duration of most drugs. The duration of an Aftermath is now equal to half the base duration of a drug.
  • Reduced the chance to vomit from Hornet Honey’s Aftermath.
  • Reduced the Ancient Troll’s Health and some Resistances.
  • While in jail, the character will only be fed gruel.
  • Enemies will now be less eager to occupy burning tiles.
  • Most effects that used to increase Fumble Chance now also increase Backfire Chance.
  • Added new effects to exquisite foods.


  • Removed the option to choose your reward after killing the Ancient Troll – it was a placeholder that was only meant to exist while the Troll was the only boss in the game. Now you’ll be rewarded with gold and a unique cloak. The unique items, which were previously awarded for completing this quest, were relocated to distant dungeons and high level secret rooms.
  • Changed the repair cost formula: the base cost was reduced, but it now increases with an item’s level. Starting with level 24, the cost will be the same as it was before the update.
  • Reduced Durability loss from both delivering and taking hits.
  • Increased Brynn bailiffs’ stock size.
  • Reduced the initial level range of the equipment sold by Brynn bailiffs.
  • Bailiffs will no longer sell magic gear – it was moved to Renod Kann’s Alchemical Emporium of Curious Goods.
  • Increased the impact of Brynn reputation on the level range of sold items.
  • Doubled the chance of receiving unique items from distant dungeons’ final chests.
  • Raised the selling price of pelts to be roughly equal to common loot in terms of value per cell.
  • NPCs will now purchase treatises at a better price.
  • The Brynn quartermaster now sells lockpicks.
  • Brigands now have a chance to drop high value rings and necklaces.
  • Increased the price of most valuables.


  • Numerous fixes to map generation.
  • Fixed the bug causing major categories of damage Resistance (Physical, Magic, Nature) to not be taken into account when attacking enemies.
  • Fixed the bug with the incorrect “Wetness” duration when entering deep waters.
  • Fixed the bug preventing the loss of Block Power when blocking Nature and Magic damage.
  • Reduced the frequency of the character and NPCs’ speech popups.
  • Fixed the bug causing damage to enemies’ Armor to be applied twice.
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