Still There Released on Nintendo Switch and PC Steam

The psychological adventure game, Still There developed by GhostShark has now been released on both Nintendo Switch and PC Steam. The game which has you managing both a space-lighthouse and the psychological issues that his job brings has been described as a fascinating combination of excitement and drama.

In Still There you play as Karl Hamba, the solo worker of The Bento, a space lighthouse. It’s your job to keep everything running, at least it was until you receive a mysterious message. It’s this message that forces you to contront, a truth you’ve been running away from. How much are you willing to sacrifice to rescue yourself and your loved ones? How far is far enough?

Davide Barbieri, project lead at GhostShark Games says: “Still There is more than a simple game to us – it has had a profound impact on our lives. It has been the fulfilment of a promise that was told to the child version of ourselves, and has been an important test of our own feelings. It has required many compromises and struggles and has, without a doubt, left its mark on us. Parts of us will always be in the game, and players across the world will experience our most intimate selves while playing Still There. We hope it will leave an impact on them too.”

Key Features

  • Manage your lighthouse by solving puzzles and completing your daily tasks. Some of these may involve urine… just saying.
  • Respond to emergencies and take crucial decisions as you discover Karl’s past.
  • Converse with the hilariously kooky station AI, Gorky
  • Go deeper and confront complex issues such as depression and grief, by way of the immersive narrative.
  • Packed full of nostalgia, with it’s retro graphics and visuals

Still There has been released on PC and Nintendo Switch for a price of $14.99 – with a launch discount of 10% until 27th Nov. For more information please see the official Still There website.

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Jim Franklin

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