Stellaris: Leviathans DLC Reviews

Reviewing a bite-sized DLC that mostly focuses on adding features in a game that is already largely systems-driven isn’t exactly easy, and with the release of the new Civilizations and some pretty huge announcements industry-wide, I’m not surprised to discover that Leviathans, a DLC for Stellaris, has been barely reviewed at all.

That said, we’ve managed to round up a few pieces, including this unimpressed PCGamesN write-up:

It’s strange to be slightly disappointed with Leviathans despite spending entire days completely immersed in Stellaris, yet again. It’s not bad DLC, it’s just mostly invisible for large portions of the game. Yet Heinlein makes up for this entirely, unveiling changes both welcome and meaningful right from the get go. And I’ve only really scraped the surface in this review, almost forgetting to mention the new rally system that makes creating a fleet so much easier, a reworked strategic resource system and, finally, the ability for exploration vessels to auto-explore with the arrival of new techs. Viewed as a single package, it’s excellent, but the paid content is not the real draw here.

Invision Community, 7/10.

[I]t adds a good amount of content to the game but relies too heavily on how you play to show its full potential. The majority of features are included in the Heinlein update itself, slightly overshadowing the expansion. The expansion adds a simple idea to the campaign, whilst not really giving each enough context or relevance, simply adding more content to the game but lacking delivery. It continues to add more species and crisis, without a real diplomatic solution to them or a feel of banding together with other races to protect each other. You can’t really ask for help or demand help from other Empires, other than making them vassals or entering into an alliance, leaving a lot of people who hate your empire being destroyed by the game itself.

GameWatcher is very impressed, 9.0/10.

The Leviathans DLC is in my opinion an absolute must for Stellaris players. The content offered is high quality and produces some great in game experiences. The additions add strategic depth to the overall game and frankly, I couldn’t see anyone going back after playing this.

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