Steelrising – New Game Plus Mode Available

Spiders Studio has put together a new patch for their Dark Souls-inspired action-RPG Steelrising that adds the coveted New Game Plus mode to the game, introduces a few balance tweaks, and fixes some assorted issues.

Here’s what you can expect:

A brand new patch has been deployed on all platforms, and with it comes changes to Steelrising. Not only the introduction of New Game Plus, arguably the star of this patch, but a balance pass that overall should see the difficulty of the game shift upwards, and some store adjustments that should reduce reliance on cheese strats. Without further ado, let’s have a closer look together!

New Game Plus

This patch adds New Game Plus to Steelrising! It allows you to play the game again on a higher difficulty level while keeping your character’s progress (level, weapons, upgrades etc.).

There’s also new content to discover in New Game Plus:

  • Exclusive weapons to use;
  • A full exclusive outfit to discover;
  • Exclusive enemy variations (new skins, weapons and movesets) to fight.

All you need to do to enjoy the new content is to reach the end of the game. Once you have done so, your save will be automatically able to be converted to a NG+ save (and yes, should you already be at the end of the game, it will do so automatically as well), and a new option in the menu called “New Game Plus” will appear.

Fixes and Improvements

We also took the time to investigate and fix some reported issues, as well as provide improvements to other areas:

  • Fixed the endurance issue while using the Gaia’s Claws special move.
  • Fixed the infinite item glitch.
  • Fixed some Achievement issues:
    • Fixed the “Stabiliser” Achievement.
    • “Fashion Victim” can now be obtained.
    • Using the Assist mode won’t prevent you from unlocking Achievements anymore, and they will be credited retroactively, should you have met the necessary conditions to do so.
  • Fixed various issues related to sidequests.
  • Fixed and improved the cinematics and NPC dialogues.
  • Fixed and improved various audio issues.
  • Improved Aegis running animation.
  • Improvements to the lighting in the game.
  • Other various fixes and improvements.

The patch will also bring some balance changes within the main game for weapons, items, and mobs, mainly:

  • Increased damage, resistances and armor for Bosses.
  • Reduced damage, loot quantity and shop quantity for Grenades.
  • Reduced loot quantity on mobs for Alchemical Ammunitions.
  • Reduced loot quantity on mobs for Life Potions.
  • Reduced damage for the following weapons: Charleville 1789 Shield Musket, Charybdis Fan.

On that note, we hope that you’ll enjoy the new content to its fullest. We can’t wait to read everything you’ll share with us! Let’s dive into the Revolution even more and happy gaming!

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