The Steam Awards – A little bit of fun

So, ladies and gentlemen, the Steam Awards are upon us. They may not be the Golden Joystick Award; they are certainly not the Oscars. However, this little awards ceremony is all just a bit of fun. Starting from the 22nd December until the 30th December, you can vote for your favourite games in various bizarre categories. Perhaps you are a little confused, so let me explain. The first award was for “Villain Most In Need Of A Hug”. There are also awards for “I’m Not Crying, There’s Just Something In My Eye” and also, “Best Use Of A Farm Animal”. Not the usual types of award. But, in this sense I think it makes it more unique. They are not trying to follow the norm by simply having  boring categories like “Best Mutliplayer Game”. I believe Steam just wanted to have a bit of fun and that’s what this is.

Vote For Your Favourites

Each day is dedicated to a different category. For 24 hours, you have the chance to vote in whichever category is available that day. So, for today, December 25th, you can vote in the “Just 5 More Minutes” category. This is the game that you say you will only play for five more minutes and end up playing for another three hours. Although this is one of the more sensible categories, it is definitely one that people will enjoy. Everyone has said “I’ll just do this one more thing, shouldn’t take long”. I even did it the other day while playing ESO and ended up playing for another hour and a half.

But, that is not all. There are even audience picked categories. On the 30th December, you can vote in four different categories that were chosen by the people. There is: “Boom Boom”, “Love/Hate Relationship”, “Sit Back And Relax” and “Better With Friends”. I like the fact that they added these extra categories. Everyone has those games that they love to hate or the one that you play simply to relax. You even get trading cards for voting, so why not get involved? Unless you don’t have Steam, then it makes sense.

Perhaps these Steam Awards are simply a silly scheme but I like the fact that they hasn’t taken it too seriously. If you want to get involved there are still a few days left to vote, so get to it! The winners will all be announced on the 31st December.

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