Starpoint Gemini Warlords: Endpoint DLC Released

Endpoint, the final piece of DLC for Little Green Men Games’ 4X Strategy/RPG hybrid Starpoint Gemini Warlords, is now available on both Steam and GOG for $6.99 or your regional equivalent. The DLC concludes the Warlords storyline and lets you make plenty of narrative choices along the way. Here’s the DLC’s overview and feature list:

Many years have passed since the Solari Concord successfully established a foothold in Gemini – but they haven’t stopped there; a combination of rising military strength and persuasive diplomacy has caused them to become the leading power in Gemini. After such a long period of turmoil, most other factions became exhausted, and were eager to side with anyone strong enough to provide some sort of stability.

The Gemini Protectorate, successor to the legendary Gemini League, is cornered, and controls only a small region of space, and another cut off enclave, when the Concord reaches its borders.

The Protectorate High Command is still not willing to yield, but options are few…what will be the price of survival?


  • Experience an all new storyline that follows the unexpected new path of the Gemini Protectorate
  • 8 brand new ship designs, covering all ship classes with a noticeable power edge in each of them
  • Multiple new and interesting characters entwined within the storyline
  • Story branching where you can choose how you wish to approach the challenges in front of you
  • Increased replayability as a result of multiple choices when accepting some story missions
  • Modified planetary assault where players can now strike decisively at individual planets, and automatically seize the whole enemy territory when the last planet is conquered

And if you’re just looking to get into Starpoint Gemini, you can check out this announcement on Steam that offers heavy discounts for the entire series. It also lists the latest Starpoint Gemini Warlords patch notes. Have a look:

Third news today is that, as usually with addition of new DLC, base game is also updated. Not a huge update this time, but still some well needed improvements:

  • Faction side quest for Outlanders is now fixed retroactively
  • Weapon turret firing arc on Numibian corvette class is now correct
  • „Hanging“ misaligned beam weapons will now fire correctly
  • All shipyard production templates will now work properly, and all shipyards will sell intended ships
  • Problematic chunk of german localization is now replaced with much improved version (huge thanks to ikbg90 & Vorlod for awesome work and help with this ! )
  • nVidia Ansel support is now added to game
  • multiple further optimizations and reported bug fixes
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