Starflight 3 Fig Campaign Concluded, Initial Goal Missed

I’ve never been able to accurately predict how this or that crowdfunding campaign will go, so at some point I stopped even trying, but when Starflight 3’s Fig campaign had an update reaching out to Elon Musk, it was fairly obvious things weren’t going according to plan. And now, the campaign is officially over, having gathered $466,384 out of the necessary $800,000.

What does this mean for the game and the future of the series? Check out the final Fig update to find out:

Today marks the last day of the campaign, what a ride! We wish it would have ended better financially for us. $800K was ambitious especially for a new team looking to get the resources to go further with our prototype ideas and story. We learned a lot about what might have worked better, where we made the right calls and where we could have made better ones.

But, what makes us most excited is the Starflight community coming together, letting us get to know it more and really changing how we thought about Starflight 3. That’s right, will be. Starflight isn’t going away. We have no idea what the future holds for it but we know it’s not going away any time soon.

Discord and Mailing List!

No matter what happens we want you to come with us! So head over to where you will find links for all our social media accounts as well as our Discord server and mailing list! Near the end of the campaign we were busy preparing for the post-campaign setup and we may have not gotten to all your questions! Now you know where to go! YEAH!

Thank you so much for sharing with us your love, memories and amazing ideas for Starflight. Please continue the discussion with us. As Greg Johnson said to us yesterday, “I’m sorry we couldn’t quite carry the day, but plan Bs tend to always turn out better somehow once we’re in the future looking back.”

Cheers to Plan B!

The Starflight 3 Team

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