Star Wars: The Old Republic – Showdown on Ruhnuk Update Live

Showdown on Ruhnuk, a new content update for BioWare’s MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic is now live, featuring a new planet to explore, some fresh Mandalorian-related story bits, a series of PvP changes, an anniversary event, and more.

Here’s a quick teaser trailer:

And some additional information:

Game Update 7.2 “Showdown on Ruhnuk” is live!

Game Update 7.2 brings plenty of new content to the game. Players will be able to explore a new planet, Ruhnuk, fight Heta Kol and her faction of Mandalorians in the story update “Showdown on Ruhnuk,” experience the changes made to PvP, and more! Let’s dive into the details of what players can expect with this new game update!

Story Update – “Showdown on Ruhnuk”

In this new story update, “Showdown on Ruhnuk,” players help Shae Vizla in her hunt for Heta Kol, a rogue Mandalorian who has gathered an army of rebels under the banner of the Hidden Chain. This pursuit brings them to Ruhnuk, an inhospitable planet at the center of an electrical nebula.

New planet – Ruhnuk

This new planet–a dry, arid, and plateau-based world–was originally occupied to mine its various resources. The planet, now abandoned, is Heta Kol’s base of operations.

Ruhnuk Daily Area

Explore Ruhnuk in our new Daily Area! Alongside Mandalorian Lane Vizla, expand your faction’s influence with all new weekly and daily Missions, Achievements, and a Reputation Track, and unlock new rewards and titles.

User Interface Enhancements

To improve players’ experience in our game, we’ve made updates to the UI! Some of the changes and improvements include adding visual updates to our Welcome Window and more customization for the utility bar, a new deconstruct and delete window, a Colorblind Mode UI, and Map System Revamp! Jump into the game to check out these improvements.

Gearing changes

In addition to the new content described above, we’re bringing changes to gearing with new item ceilings and new item floors. Details in this forum post: Gear and progression changes coming with 7.2.

PvP Revamp

Game Update 7.2 brings changes to PvP Mode! There is no longer any distinction between Unranked and Ranked PvP. Players will now queue solo or as a group for 4v4 or 8v8 matches. Our first PvP Season is starting now with a new PvP Map, “Onderon Palatial Ruins!” Jump into the game to complete PvP content and earn PvP points from our new PvP Reward Track! More details here.

Life Day Celebration

Our Life Day celebration starts now and runs until January 10th! It’s the time of the year to throw snowballs at your friends to complete Conquest Objectives and Achievements and earn festive rewards. For the new edition of the event, we’re introducing new rewards, such as a new Gala Hat and new snowglobes themed around the R-4 Anomaly, Manaan, Ruhnuk, and Elom.

Best view in SWTOR 2022

Contest-winning decorations are now available at the “Anniversary Personnel” vendor on the Fleet! Winners will receive their own decorations in their in-game mail. Check the ten winners here.

Eleven-Year Anniversary

To celebrate The Old Republic’s Eleven-Year Anniversary, Coruscant and Kaas City Strongholds can be purchased at a discounted price of eleven credits until the launch of our next game update.

Log in to the game now to experience the new content and changes. The full list of patch notes for this update is available here.

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