Star Wars: The Old Republic Might Hit Consoles

Eurogamer brings word from the recent Star Wars: The Old Republic press event that a console version of LucasArts and BioWare’s MMORPG is “under consideration.” Warhammer Online, too:

Speaking to Eurogamer at the press event announcing SWTOR for PC, he said, “We’re definitely looking at the opportunity to bring the MMO experience to console, without question.

“We’ve got this product, and we’ve got Warhammer at play,” he continued, “So we’re trying to look at the primary research required to understand how would you deploy it, what the client size looks like, how big is the back-end, what the play experience looks like… Once we’ve got some of those questions answered, we’ll be able to decide which is the right play to go after.”

When asked if he was specifically referring to SWTOR and Warhammer Online, Gibeau replied, “They’re both under consideration.” However, he added, “We’re not really in a place to commit or announce anything specific with regards to those.”

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