Star Wars: The Old Republic E3 Preview is offering up the latest preview of Star Wars: The Old Republic, and once again it’s based on BioWare’s E3 demonstration.

While the dialogue system looks and feels a lot like Mass Effect, it is important to note that it is expanded for MMOs. In that demonstration, there were two members in the group and both had chances to talk, and presumably shape the outcome of the conversation. They’ve made dialogue multiplayer.

Dickenson began the presentation by explaining four pillars to making a good game. Three of them have been nailed, he said. Most games have RPG style combat, exploration and character progression down perfectly. The fourth neglected pillar is story.

Bioware wants to make a game that makes the players feel like they’re a part of something. It’s a game that they hope will have an emotional impact on its players.

These are a lot of buzzwords not often used by MMO companies. It was good to hear.

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