Star Wars: KotOR v1.02 Details

BioWare’s Derek French stopped by the official Star Wars: KotOR forums to provide some details about the game’s next patch. A full rip:

Hey there, I though I would drop in and give you some info on what we are working on for the KotOR PC 1.02 update. First some disclaimers…

– there is no release date for 1.02 other than “when its done” – anything can and usually does change at the last minute making release estimates useless and frustrating for the customer when they change

– your favourite bug may not be fixed in 1.02 – we have to weigh all bug reports against game impact, team scheduling, and reproducability

– not every single bug fix will be listed here in this post, just the big ones – full details will be in the patch notes on release

– anything listed below could get cut/removed if there are significant problems during testing

Now to some of the goodies:

– adding a walking toggle
– mappable arrow keys
– 1280×1024 support
– dialog skipping bug fix
– various gameplay fixes

I will update this when I remember more, as I am at home now.

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