Star Wars: KotOR Reviews

Yet another pair of glowing reviews for LucasArts and BioWare’s Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic have hit the web. The first is over at VideoGamesLife with an overall score of 90/100:

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is by far the best Star Wars game to grace the PC in years, and is even one of the contenders for the best Star Wars game ever. However, it does have some negative points: the new Yavin IV space station, a PC-only (planet), only has a single trader on board, which is very disappointing. There does not seem to be as many items or item varieties as in the Baldur’s Gate games, which means that the player is often left with a lot of credits and nothing to spend them on. Also, there are not as many sub-quests as we feel there could be, something which really adds an unprecedented level of depth and longevity to most RPGs. But it is not completely fair to judge KotOR against BioWare’s other games, as this is a masterpiece in its own right, and feels slightly more accessible to the average gamer than the aforementioned Baldur’s Gate games. The game may be a bit short, but it does have replayability (playing again as a the opposite Side to how you played before is a very attractive proposition). Taking all into consideration, there is no doubt that this game is sheer brilliance and should be bought by all who consider themselves to be even mildly interested in Star Wars. Don’t let the 4,000 year gap put you off this is one of the truest Star Wars experiences out there.

And the second is over at GameHelper with an overall score of 9.5/10:

I’ll be perfectly blunt I stayed myself from going to the bathroom for 7 and ½ hours while playing Knights of the Old Republic in the wee hours of the morning.awe heck from 7pm one day to 10am the next! Game of the Year, Game of the Decade, RPG of the Year, Star Wars game of the century nothing compares. BioWare shows us that Star Wars isn’t limited to the movies as Rogue Squadron would have you believe, in KoTOR you will find a game that is phenomenal, stupendous, superhero-like even. If playing games is a waste of time, you’ll gladly waste at least 150 hours of your life relishing that which is as Star Wars is meant to be.

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