Star Wars: KotOR Review

Gamaroo has posted a review of Star Wars: KotOR, giving the console RPG an overall score of 4.5/5. Their conclusion to follow:

Despite its flaws, bugs, and lack of overall polish, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is in the top tier of Xbox titles. It’s by far the best Star Wars game ever made and at this writing, is the best RPG made for the Xbox. KOTOR has already been awarded many game of the year awards and deservedly so. It belongs in your Xbox library and is right up there with Halo in this reviewer’s opinion. It has its flaws but you can live with them because the game play is so enthralling that it doesn’t matter. It’s neither too hard nor too easy and thankfully, you can set the difficulty before you begin. Save points is never a problem as you can save wherever you want. With the price currently discounted to around $29.99 at and others, it’s a great bargain for the amount of gaming time you’ll get out if it.

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