Star Wars: KotOR Review

Gamer’s Depot has posted a review of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, giving the RPG an overall score of 4.5/5. Check it out:

The voice acting is well done and easy on the ears. You still might mouse-click past the speaking scenes if you read subtitles fast. Professional actors including five-time Emmy award winner Ed Asner do most of the roles. Asner voices Master Vrook, an instructor at the Jedi Academy. Old gaming coots better know him as Lou Grant, the boss from the 1970’s (Mary Tyler Moore Show.)

Star Wars music hasn’t changed much since the opening of Star Wars: Episode Four in 1977. You have can probably whistle the Imperial March in your sleep and wince at the ballad strains most associated with Luke staring off at twin suns on Tatooine. For the game Lucas Arts went the extra distance by hiring Jeremy Soule to create variations on the classic songs. Soule’s music is very fitting for this immersive Star Wars RPG game. They are wonderfully familiar yet remain new. A very hard trick to pull with Star Wars after 27 years and numerous games later.

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