Star Wars: KotOR Review

PC Gameworld has posted a review of Star Wars: KotOR, giving the RPG an overall score of 97%. Check it out:

It is almost pointless to continue without revealing the plot, so I’m just going to end this review by saying that this is the best Star Wars game since X-Wing. Those of you that have never played an RPG, will feel right at home playing this game. It doesn’t bog you down with tons of silly rules and regulations. Everything is streamlined and easy to get into without you having to learn a ton of Dungeons and Dragons rules.

The only thing missing from this masterpiece is the fact that once you finish playing the game, you can’t watch it as a movie! It looks just that good. As a reviewer, I’m in the habit of playing the game, then writing notes. KOTOR is the first game that I’ve played through to the end (using the light side) without writing anything down. The game is just that damn good!

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