Star Wars: KotOR Review

RPGVault has tossed up their review of Star Wars: KotOR, and although they don’t give a final score, it is overwhelmingly positive. Their conclusion:

Knights of the Old Republic reaffirms and reinforces BioWare’s position among the world’s finest development studios. As pointed out, it has various aspects that are less than perfect. However, they are far overshadowed, even overwhelmed by its many noteworthy strengths, and especially by the way they combine to produce a superior role-playing experience that feels like Star Wars and makes it very easy to imagine yourself a Jedi caught up in a larger than life adventure, with the fate of the galaxy depending on you and your trusty lightsaber. I count myself among the gamers who had thought about a Star Wars RPG long before this project was announced. For me, this game was unquestionably worth the wait.

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