Star Wars: KotOR Review

3DAvenue has tossed up a glowing review of Star Wars: KotOR, giving the Xbox RPG an overall score of 94/100. An excerpt, as usual:

The mini games, such as swoop racing, is yet another highly addictive and entertaining addition to the game. If this doesn’t take your fancy, perhaps try your hand at Pazaak, a card game which you can gamble on to make money. Its these extra features in the game, that make a great game even better. After all, the more Star Wars content the better. And of course, with Xbox Live soon to come into play, where can you go wrong?

You can’t. If I haven’t made it clear enough I will state this now: This game is a must own for all gamers. As simple as that. From the mind of George Lucas we can finally indulge in his world as a humble Jedi in a colossal Star Wars atmosphere, making what we wish of it. Exploring possibilities in worlds we will never get to visit, is surely one of the main arteries at the heart of what gaming is all about.

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