Star Wars: KotOR Review

Xbox Target is next in line with a positive review of Star Wars: KotOR, in which they give the RPG an overall score of 9.8/10. Their conclusion to follow:

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic is simply the greatest SW experience to ever grace a home console. It’s also the RPG that Xbox owners have been waiting for since launch. The size and scope of the adventure, and the incredibly diverse cast of characters you’ll encounter, combined with the epic story and tremendous number of amazing locations will absolutely blow your mind, and I guarantee that you’ll never want the game to end. Exploring, fighting, and leveling up with your party will keep you glued to the screen for the foreseeable future, and you’ll easily get 40 hours of play the first time through. There’s real incentive to play through the game again as a dark character, so technically, you could see 80 hours of Jedi fun by the time you’re completely finished. If you’re a Star Wars fan, an RPG fan, or just a connoisseur of top-shelf AAA games, run to the store and buy Knights Of The Old Republic. It’ll be the best $50.00 you’ve ever spent in your entire gaming career..seriously.

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