Star Wars: KotOR Review

FunXbox has posted a review of Star Wars: KotOR, giving the title an overall score of 9.5/10. Here’s a bit of what they had to say:

Knights of the Old Republic defies many of the lowered expectations placed on it from individuals jaded by poor movie license-based games in general and specifically Star Wars-based games. Much to the delight of every RPG and Star Wars fan, KOTOR delivers a game that features a compelling story, robust character development, a well-refined combat interface, tons of extras, downloadable content, and the ability to explore the Star Wars universe and use all the Jedi tricks you could hope for. Despite the delays and the naysayers, KOTOR is the definitive Star Wars game, and certainly the best Role Playing Game on the Xbox to date. The game is not the definition of perfection and begins to show a bit of roughness the more you play, but with everything that is done right in this game, it is inevitable that the minor issues will escape your consciousness. KOTOR is unquestionably a must have for anyone who fancies themselves an RPG or Star Wars enthusiast, but more importantly, the game has enough well-executed aspects to draw even the most unlikely of players to enjoy it. KOTOR is magnificent on so many levels, and is certainly one of the finest games to come along in this console generation.

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