Star Wars: KotOR Interview

PC Gameworld has conducted an interview with BioWare’s James Ohlen and Casey Hudson about both the Xbox and PC versions of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Here’s a little something to get you started:

Q: Was this the first time BioWare has handled the development of a console game? I know MDK2 was developed for the Dreamcast and PS2, but was that handled in house? If so, could you tell us what the differences were between developing for the DC, PS2, and XBox?

A: We’ve worked with the PS2 and Dreamcast before, but this was the first time we’ve worked on the Xbox. We were able to use previous consol experience to design and implement Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on the Xbox fairly easily.

The Dreamcast was our first experience with a console system, and I think the team quite enjoyed working with it. As with other consoles, it had its quirks and limitations, but it had loads of graphics memory and a nice renderer. The PS2 was challenging to work with, since it has some peculiarities that require unique programming solutions. The Xbox was much more like a PC in terms of development, but with our console experience we knew what things to look out for. As a result, we were able to work on the Xbox version of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic without too much difficulty.

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