Star Wars: KotOR Interview

GameHelper Newswire has conducted an interview with LucasArts’ Julio Torres about the recently released Star Wars: KotOR and Star Wars Galaxies. Check it out:

Q: So having worked on two very different RPGS in the SW universe did you learn anything on either project that lent to the other in some way?

A: There were definitely things that were common to both. For example the combat systems. We thought to ourselves, (these games must have exciting combat!) We definitely tried to carry ideas from what worked in SWG to KotOR. The challenges however were the same. How does ranged combat work? How can we have fun with combat in both titles?

Something common to both titles was their (hugeness.) How do you make a game that is huge from beginning to end? With KotOR we utilized sub-quests to keep this (huge) feeling. For SWG we did this with professions.

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