Star Wars: KotOR II Reviews

A couple of new reviews for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II have made their way to the web this weekend. The first is at AussieXbox with an overall score of 8/10:

The force is definitely strong with this one, but it is not a Jedi yet. In some ways KOTOR II outdoes its predecessor, but at the same time, some areas hit an all-time excruciating low. The darker atmosphere in this title, coupled with the new interaction options and improvements in play, is certainly a sight to behold. The exploration of morality and a shifting world/NPC influence dictated by decision is exactly what RPGs need to progress the genre, and I’m sure many RPGs will be itching to take advantage of the alignment ideas explored in this title. In some ways the game seems very simple and action-based, lacking sweeteners such as puzzles, which is perhaps this is why I critique it stronger. However the bugs in the game are inexcusable, and the graphics very bland, so it may take some people a while to rationalise these but once you do, there is a great RPG beyond. If you’re a fan of KOTOR, then I won’t need to [Force Persuade] you to play this title; conversely, if you’re used to polished RPGs, you may need to try and see the inner beauty of this Dianoga.

And the second is at The Junkyard with an overall score of 8.5/10:

2004 was the year of the sequels, both for video games and for everything else. KotR II is a result of that year’s particular fetish and it follows the trend: old concept, low risk, high profit. While that policy has got a lot of gamers up in arms (and rightfully so), Obsidian has managed to make KotR II The Sith Lords special. In little over a year after the originals release, a new company has taken over a successful game and made somthing that is worthy both as a worthy successor of the original’s fame and as an addition into the StarWar’s universe.

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