Star Wars: KotOR II Reviews

eToyChest and Game Vortex provide us with the latest reviews for LucasArts and Obsidians’ Star Wars: KotOR II. eToyChest has this to say (with no overall score):

Despite a few bugs here and there (and one, solitary game-crasher), KotOR II has made a great jump to the PC, and it is a worthy sequel to one of this generation’s most popular games. Don’t be afraid to pick this one up, even if you haven’t played the first in the series although that also highly recommended! Time to pick up your lightsabers again, kids!

And Game Vortex gives the RPG an overall score of 90%:

So it seems Obsidian played it safe with Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, not changing very much from the original and producing what ends up being an expansion pack more than a real sequel. But hey, who can blame them? The original was incredibly fun, and the sequel is just as entertaining as the original. This is a great purchase for anyone, but especially for Star Wars fans.

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