Star Wars Galaxies Wins Best Graphics in an MMORPG

RPGDot has announced the winner of their “Best Graphics in an MMORPG” for 2003, and the award goes to Star Wars Galaxies. A snippet to follow:

The winner: Star Wars Galaxies – An Empire Divided
One thing that very few players have complained about in SWG was its graphics. Certainly one of the best looking MMORPGs so far, it lives up to the Star Wars legacy in letting players travel in distant but familiar landscapes. From the rolling sand dunes of Tatooine, to the lush grass plains of Naboo, down to the forests of Endor, the game displayed a vast array of colourful and highly varied environments. SWG’s characters also showed off the game’s highly versatile graphics engine by allowing players to create truly unique avatars. No two players have the same exact look in SWG’s world, and that’s saying a lot!

Additionally, Final Fantasy XI took second place and Dark Age of Camelot: Trials of Atlantis took third place.

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