Star Wars Galaxies Post-E3 Report

Haden Blackman, Producer of Star Wars Galaxies, stopped by the game’s official forums to offer a post-E3 report. In it, Haden makes some corrections and clarifications about the MMORPG and its upcoming Jump to Lightspeed expansion. A snip:

1. There are 4 new professions: Alliance Pilot, Imperial Pilot, Basic Pilot, Shipwright

Essentially true. There will be four new professions, including the Shipwright (makes ships), the Imperial Pilot (fly for the Empire) and the Rebel Pilot (fly for the Alliance). We’re actually calling the “Basic Pilot” a Privateer – a mercenary pilot rather than a faction-affiliated pilot. Progression through all three of the piloting professions will require XP (gained by fighting enemies in space) and completion of story-driven mission arcs (as an Imperial, you might be asked to deal with a Rebel presence in the Tatooine system, a mission arc that culminates in a showdown with a Rebel fighter ace).

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