Star Wars Galaxies Letter to the Community

Star Wars Galaxies producer, Haden Blackman, stopped by Sony’s official website for the game to post a letter to the community that recaps the last few years of development, and provides some information on what’s to come. Here’s a little something to get you started:

What’s next for Star Wars Galaxies? Well, for the next two weeks, we’re going to continue to address any bugs with the most recent update (most notably, fixing any new problems with storing vehicles!). Then, we’ll hopefully take some time to enjoy the holiday season, zipping around Tatooine or Naboo with the rest of you on our newly-purchased landspeeders or kaadu. After the New Year, however, you can expect us to be back at work updating and improving the game on all fronts. From our perspective, there’s still a lot we want to do, from revisions to existing systems to the addition of new Star Wars-specific “dungeons.” As always, we will strive to fix any urgent bugs, add new content at a steady clip, and continue to work on balance issues (and none of the below will prevent us from doing so).

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