Star Wars Galaxies Friday Feature

Sony’s official Star Wars Galaxies website has been updated with a new Friday Feature, which offers information about Space Mining, a new feature available in Rage of the Wookiees. Here’s a bit to get you started:

Spending all your hard earned credits on a cargo hold and mining lasers can mean only one thing; the search for profit! After you fill up your cargo hold with rich asteroid ore, your first option is to take the ore to a space station and sell it to an ore vendor. There are specific space stations that will buy the ore and different ore trading space stations will have different prices. Some ore is needed more than others, depending on which space zone you are in and it will affect the price you can get for the resources.

For instance, Tatooine might buy rock at 3cpu, gold at 10cpu, and space diamond at 20cpu. Naboo might be the same, except that it buys space diamond at 25cpu. Thus, if you are mining space diamond in Kashyyyk, you will likely want to travel to Naboo to sell your goods. There will be a special window you can open up to see the going rates of different resources and options to sell your goods.

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