Star Wars Galaxies Dark Jedi Mission Guide

FileFront is offering a three-page guide that details some Dark Jedi missions on the dangerous world of Dathomir. It’s a good read if you have a powerful character already and are looking for something different:

As I said before, the true secret to killing Jedi is the (Damage Over Time) (DOT) attacks and the other secret is using Night Sisters as tanks. During the Dark Jedi Knight mission several Night Sisters spawn, and attack the Jedi; this is your moment to strike. Quickly focus all of your DOT attacks on the Jedi, and drain his HAM bars. If you do this quickly, and with enough damage, you should be able to kill the Knight before all of the Night Sisters have fallen to him.

The same strategy may be used for the Dark Jedi Master, but it takes a little more skill to pull off. First run away from the Jedi Master, and lead the NS as far away from him, as possible. Now, while they are still following you, slowly head back towards the Master, but DO NOT get close enough for him to turn aggressive on you. Eventually, the Night Sisters will stop trying to attack you, and will head back to where they spawned. When this happens they should run into the Jedi Master, and the two forces will begin to battle.

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