Star Wars Galaxies Bi-Weekly Q&A #1

The SWG Vault has begun a new feature in which they interview the Star Wars Galaxies developers every two weeks. Here’s a snip from the first installment:

Q: With the increasing number of items that are being collected in the game (statues, holocrons) and the amount of resources crafting classes need, is there going to be an increase in storage capacity?

A: Possibly, but players are always going to have to make choices of what they want to keep. All of our items are unique and take up considerably more database space than most other games (compared to a game like EverQuest where “Ghoulsbane” is the same for every paladin). We always have to be conscious of how much database bloat we allow. That said, we know players like to collect stuff. I’m personally hoping that you are collecting the cool trophies and not just filling up your bank with worthless, common stuff you happen upon.

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