Star Trek Online Leonard Nimoy Interview

Cryptic Studios’ official Star Trek Online website has been updated with a new article that offers some responses about the game and the Star Trek franchise in general from Leonard Nimoy. Spock says:

What would you want to see included in Star Trek Online to make it more real or more immersive for you?

Leonard Nimoy: What do you do about humor in this game? Because I think that’s very important to the Star Trek fans. If you look back over the product that has been done in the past, the stuff that has had intelligent humor has been the most successful product and people have missed that. As a matter of fact, when I made Star Trek IV, which I think had humor, I remember talking to a newspaper man who had seen the picture and was going to review it and he said, “I don’t think Star Trek fans are going to like this movie because there’s too many jokes. They won’t go for the humor.” I said you are absolutely wrong. Totally backward. We had not had enough up to that point. They like to laugh at the things that these characters do and say to each other. And I think the new movie is going to be successful, for one reason, because it does have the humor and that’s why I asked about the possibility of finding its way into the game. I think it’s highly important.

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