Stadia Player Counts Dangerously Low

Google Stadia is the newly released streaming platform from Google, and it was recently met with mixed reviews across the board from most places, much to the probable disgruntle from Google. Many of the reviews state it is good, but not great. To add to the issue, player counts have been extremely scary for the new platform.

Destiny 2, Stadia’s flagship launch game is seriously struggling to find players to fill the servers. (Source) Player counts so far only amount to 1.4% of Destiny 2’s player count, which is especially troubling, because not only is it one of the biggest games on Stadia, it is also *free* for Stadia Pro members. Other online games such as NBA 2K20 have also reportedly had extremely low player counts.

The platform is not dead yet though, it releases to the public early next year and you won’t have to buy a founders pack then, but it is not off to a good start. So we will see if it gains any steam when it releases to the public and when more new games release day and date on the system. As history says however with systems like the Xbox One, when you get off to a bad start, odds aren’t in your favor, but it remains to be seen.

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