Spotify Launches A Site For Gamers

Spotify, a music service, launched their own website called Spotify Gamers recently. You can find some playlists that are related to gaming, or that are there to help you find a playlist for your own streaming and/or gaming needs.

There is the No Man’s Sky playlist, Halo 5 playlist, and many others created by Spotify that features music by many artists.  If you never heard of Spotify, you are able to listen to your favorite current artists, find new ones, and save and make playlists for free. Spotify premium removes ads between songs for you which is around $9.99 a month.  It is not needed to enjoy Spotify, but I’ve used it, and it is nice.

You can find the website by going here. I am personally a big fan of the No Man’s Sky OST on there as far as gaming related OSTs go. The Halo 5 OST is also a good listen as well.  Winter’s End, a I Am Setsuna original soundtrack is also a good listen if you’re a fan of old JRPGs.

The Last of Us is on there as well, and the music that played in the game is pretty good too. Of course Megaman is always a must listen to! Who is not a fan of the blue bomber? Mass Effect 2 and any of its own OSTs are also a great listen as well while just wanting to stream or listen on your own time.  Anyway, this is pretty much all I have in the pile of OSTs Spotify had put up for gamers to listen to.

What are some of your favorite gaming OSTs or songs? Sound off in the comments down below!  Extra credit if you can name a song or OST you enjoy! 

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Dustin F
Dustin F

Dustin has been a gamer since the Super Nintendo era, and has gamed ever since. He also likes anime/manga, music, some sports, and movies. His favorite genres are RPG, action adventure, sports, and various other genres.

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