SpellForce Review

PC Gameworld has dished up a review of SpellForce: The Order of Dawn, giving the RTS/RPG hybrid an overall score of 93%. An excerpt:

The way to get new buildings and units for the races is by finding or purchasing building plans. Some merchants will have plans so that if you have the funds you can get better plans than if you had spent your money on other things. You never lose what you purchase, since everything carries over from quest to quest.

This is where the role-playing part of the game comes in. You get to choose your base abilities and then as you level you gain new abilities and skills. Just like every other role-playing game. You also find weapons and armor and you have to have certain levels and skills to use these items. Just like every other role-playing game. You get spells and can cast better and stronger spells as you advance in levels. Just like every other role-playing game.

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